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No. Link CV-memno. Description
a01 Numerical expression of sunspot activity CV-010 Franky Dubois, Belgium
a02 Martin Götz CV-014 Martin Götz, german observer in Denmark
a03 Manfred Holl CV-020 from Germany
a04 Howard Barnes, Georgi Dobrowolski Observatory GDSO CV-021 Hosted by CV-Helios Network, observer since 1991
a05 ASO-Bolivia, Astronomia Sigma Octante;
Solar Observations
CV-038 German Morales, Bolivia
a06 SunSpot Pages    or   SunSpot Pages CV-039 João Porto, Azores, Portugal
a07 Jens Rothermel CV-041 from Germany
a08 American astronomer & DX-listener CV-043 Robert A. Johnson, USA
a09 Pleasant Lake Solar Observatory CV-047 Jim Carlson, USA
a10 Michael Martin-Smith, England CV-049 Michael Martin-Smith, England
a11 J. A. Pereira, Brazil J. A. Pereira, Brazil
a12 Webmaster of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City Vic Winter, Kansas, USA
a13 University of Sonora, Mexico CV-055 Antonio Sanchez-Ibarra, Mexico
a14 Bob Evans RASNZ CV-057 Bob Evans, New Zealand.
The world's southernmost CV-observer
a15 James Ross McMath-Hulbert Solar Astronomical Society,Michigan,USA
a16 Dr. Wolfang Strickling CV-064 Dr. Wolfgang Strickling
who has developed the SONNE-Netz Software
a17 Dhani Herdiwijaya Dhani Herdiwijaya, Japan
a18 Fred Martin Kaaby Fred Martin Kaaby of Lakselv area, Norway.
a19 TOS Poland CV-086 TOS Poland: Towarzystwo Obserwatorów Sloñcad
a20 Anthony Seal CV-088 from UK
a21 Thomas Jacobsson CV-094 from Norway
a22 Anne Adkins CV-101 from Texas, USA
a23 Paulo Moser CV-102 from Brazil
a24 Alexey Ryback CV-105 from Bashkortostan, Russia
a25 Gunther Groenez CV-106 from Holland
a26 Hubert Schulze-Neuhoff CV-108 from Germany
a27 Vlastislav Feik CV-122 from Checkia
a28 Lucimary Vargas CV-130 from Brazil
a29 Gema Araujo CV-135 from Spain
a30 Faustino García CV-136 from Spain, Solar Red: PARHELIO

Solar sites, amateurs, presently collaborating

a1-01 David Montes Parhelio, Spain
a1-02 Faustino García and Javier Ruiz Spain

Solar Sites, professionals

b01 SWO PRF: Online Weekly in Adobe Acrobat(R) format Weekly on-line solar reports
b02 Last 30 days indices Solar Flux, etc. gopher://
b03 Solar and Upper Atmospheric Data Services Home Page From STP
b04 !Solar Observation Home Page! Classifying spots; informative; Zürich/McIntosh-system
b05 Coordinated Solar Observations Home Page  Solar Forecasts & Reports from NOAA/SEC, Regions, Images
b06 FTP Directory:
Information about SUNSPOT-REGIONS
ZMcI-official tabulation
b08 SDAC Home Page Information on SOHO
b09 Solar Astronomy WWW Servers Solar sites
b11 Solar section of Stefaniks observatory -from Prague, Czechia
b12 Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division of the National Geophysical Data Center Home of STP of NOAA/NGDC
b13 Sun in real time Stefaniks Observatory-solar section, Prague, Czechia
b15 MWO 150-Foot Solar Tower Solar Links Mount Wilson
b16 What is the Sunspot Number ? IPS Radio and Space Center, Australia
b17 Interesting Facts and Educational Material IPS, Australia, very useful information here!
b18 Sunspot Number NASA about Sunspotnumbers
b19 DRAO 10cm Solar Radio Noise Patrol The Solar Flux derived from Penticton, Canada

Solar sites, amateurs

c01 Astrofolk Women observing the sun
c02 Solar Terrestrial Activity Report Norwegian DX-listener's solar reports
c04 Sun Spot Observation Hong Kong Astronomical Club, Solar section
c05 Sunspots Athena Earth and Space Science for K-12
c06 Sunspot Data for Hist333 Rice University
c07 Reduced Sunspot Activity Predicted for Next Decade Delaware Repeater Association
c08 Sunspot Index Data Center SIDC at Brussels, Belgium
c09 Lorraine Mencinsky: What's On the Sun?
c10 Michael Boschat's Astronomy Links!: One of the web's most comprehensive listing of astro-links!

Solar sites, organizations/clubs

d01 Solar Section of the Vereinigung der Sternfreunde (VdS) e.V. The Network's german co-partner!
d02 SONNE Arbeitsgebiete und Veröffentlichungen   The Network's german co-partner!
d03 SONNE - VdS solar section The Network's german co-partner! Main page
d04 Eyes on the Skies Robotic Solar Observatory and BBS Mike Rushford
d05 Aurora and Solar Section RASNZ Royal Astronomical Society, New Zealand
d06 The Nine Planets Prizewinning site on solar system in general
d07 AAVSO Solar Division The world's greatest amatuer solar observing division
d08 A.L.P.O. SOLAR SECTION Another great solar observing section
d09 The British Astronomical Association The main bristish astronomical society
d10 The Paderborn IS - InterSol Index InterSol-Index, Paderborn, Germany

Solar sites, professionals, images/daily images

e01 Solar images at SDAC SOHO images
e04 Learmonth Solar Images in H-alpha Learmonth, Australia
e05 NSO/KPVT Latest Solar Images Kitt Peak Observatory, Arizona
e06 Space Environment Lab Solar Image Index SEL, Colorado, USA

Aurora center for observations

f01 x Aurora Watch Aurora Watch California

Other Astronomical organizations/clubs

g01 Norsk Astronomisk Selskap The Norwegian Astronomical Society
g02 Comet Observers' Forum Alfredo Pereira and Catarina Vitorino
g03 Jordanian Astronomical Society Mohammad Shawkat Odeh
g04 Astronomical Society of Tasmania Hotlink of the Month, July 1998

Astronomical listings/links

h01 Description of Wadsworth Astronomy Resource Center Astro Web
h02 Solar Astronomy also Astroweb
h03 AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet Astronomy/Astrophysics

Miscellaneous astro.related

i01 Date and Time Gateway Timezones for every place on Earth!
i02 Solar System Live Coordinates in real time for solar system components!


j01 Alexander Kielland - Stavanger akkurat nå Stavanger-my home town, images every 5 mins.
j03 InterNIC Registration Tool What's your domain name? Internic, www's are registered here!
j04 Sposh - Web rings Astrophysics Web Ring
j05 SunSpot Weatherinformation for many cities around the world! Handy!
j06 WebCow! T3west Domain Registration Form Where these pages are hosted!  How about you? 
j08 COUNTER.COM Web Site Tracking and Auditing Service A nice access tracker!
j09 LPage Commonly used and free guestbook service

Some search-machines

k01 Excite
k02 Yahoo!
k03 Northern Light
k04 Lycos

Funny (?) CV-links...

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