Classifications Values after Malde (1981)

Observing Procedures
1. Determining the Sunspot Classifications according to Zürich/MacIntosh system

2. Determining the Classification Values according to Zürich/MacIntosh system

3. Finding the Daily Totals of Classification Values
using the file mif2002.xls - download at:

4. Entering the Classification Values for each day
Then go to:
(remember Login and Password)
where you have 2 choices:

Form 1: cvobsform.php - Enter just the CV-numbers, time and seeing conditions
Form2: cvobsform2.php - Enter the codes derived from MIF above

then == >

5. You will receive a receipt on screen and in your email (both mailoptions shown).

6. The coordinator will receive this file on ftp-site

7. The dat-file is downloaded in an excel-file

Then implemented to the main excel-spreadsheet and registered

Reports are being made automatically and made for publishing on website
via apbackup that has special uploadtimes

CV-Helios Network - 2017