CV-205 Tom Mangelsdorf, Alaska, United States

CV-Helios Network member since 2nd January 2018

I am Tom Mangelsdorf from Alaska, USA. 
I got my 1st telescope back in 1973, and spent the next nearly 40 years studying variable stars. 
It was the Venus transit on 2012 that made me turn my attention toward the sun. 
I became super-absorbed as I began to learn more of the Sun and spaceweather,  I wish I had caught on to this a long time ago!
I take my solar 'scope to the Museum in Anchorage from time to time and set it up on their lawn. 
People love to see the Sun, and it gives me a chance to share fascinating solar facts with people of all ages and backgrounds.
I have not totally given up on nighttime observing. 
Here in Alaska, in the winter we have nighttime all day, and in the summer we have daytime all night. 
Here a some photos of my solar 'scope at the museum, and my backyard observatory.