CV-149 Bhargav Joshi, India

CV-Helios Network member since 2nd January 2004


I am Bhargav Joshi, an Amateur Astronomer from Baroda, India. Astronomy is my hobby since childhood, when I first looked at Comet Halley through the telescope. Real data collection task and popularizing task started in 1996 when I became part of The amateur astronomers association Of Vadodara. I started observing sunspots in early 2000 and honestly I don’t know the format for collecting solar data. I make my own structure of data collection. In 2002 I sent my data to ALPO and BAA and I am happy to know that my format is some what same as ALPO and BAA. Mr. Gordon from ALPO and Mr. Elston from BAA guided me to improvise my data collection. Since than I sent my data to both the organizations.

I sent my first solar data to CV in Jan 2004 and until April 2005. Due to weather condition my telescope was damaged and I was not able until Feb-2006 to send my reports to any organization. I am thankful to Mr. Kjell Inge Malde  for putting all information on site for collecting data, that helps me much for learning how to collect data of CV-values.

From March 2006 I am once again ready to conduct solar data.



Since 1993 I used a 2.5 inch reflective telescope (self made) for my solar observations. (Damaged in April 2005) but now I have a 5 inch reflective.



I am regularly collecting solar observation data, along with Events, 1995-total solar eclipse, 1999-solar eclipse, Mercury transit, Venus transit. I also do meteor observations and deep space object observation.



I am mainly involved in Data collection of Astronomy events and sunspots but also do popularizing of astronomy and public awareness for astronomy with a local Astronomy group and show live all events to public with the telescope.


Attached: My photograph with 6 inch reflecting telescope of Vadodara planetarium during data collection and observation of the Venus Transit.