CV-107 Monty Leventhal, Australia

CV-Helios Network member since 12th January 2001

I was born in London, England in 1934 and emigrated to Sydney Australia in 1957.

My working life was spent as a Printers engineer and technical sales of printing and ancillary equipment.
I retired from work at the age of 65 and took up amateur Astronomy as a hobby seriously.  
My first telescope was 4" Tasco purchased in 1977, which I still use to this very day for projection of Sunspots
so accurate positions of them can be made, followed by a 10" Meade in 1990 with a Solar Full Aperture Filter
followed by an H-alpha Filter and in 1991 I bought the TeleVue Solaris.  

As light pollution in my area prevented further deep sky observations I concentrated on Solar observations
which I must admit is so much more interesting and exciting.   I have my own darkroom where I develop
and print the filtergrams of the Sun using Kodak Tech Pan Film. I also now have a Canon Digital Camera 300D
which I do not get good results with. Any help there will be appreciated.  

I am a member of the British Astronomical Association in England and also of the Sydney City Skywatchers,
previously known as the B.A.A. N.S.W. branch.  

I do volunteer work a the Sydney Observatory on a regular basis twice a month where I take my own telescope,
the Solaris, complete with a DayStar H-alpha 6 Filter so that visitors can view the Sun.  
All my own data and diagrams of the Sun is sent to you and the Solar Observers Society in Poland,
Intersol at Paderbourn in Germany, B.A.A. London, Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand
and the American Association of Variable Star Observers.