CV-059 Benjamin Pawlutschenko, Australia

CV-Helios Network member since 10th July 1998

'I have been involved with astronomy for the past 24 years,since 1982,
when I ground my first mirror and built my first 150mm, F7 telescope.
I also built a 100mm, F10, direct-viewing solar telescope using a Herschel wedge
to reduce the final light intensity for safe viewing. Since then I ground a 200mm mirror,
F6. In my later years I was able to purchase an Astrosystems Telekit and
a 41cm (16") mirror from Nova Optics in the USA for astronomy. 
This is an excellent telescope that I use only with Nagler eyepieces.
I have built another solar telescope at 150mm, F10 as shown in the photo,
using an Identi-View whitelight solar filter, with a light-yellow solar disc image
which makes the sun look quite natural. I have drawn in excess of 467 solar drawings
of sunspots, since 1999, throughout solar cycle 23, through to the present.
I look forward to the next solar cycle and the events that create beautiful sunspot activity.'

Thank you

Regards Ben

Attached is a photo of Benjamin Pawlutschenko CV-059 with my 150mm, F10, solar telescope I use to observe for your observation program.