CV-019 Elmar Junker, Germany

CV-Helios Network member since 1st January 1988

Photo: That's me with my new telescope in August 2000:
Apo 100/800 mm with H-alpha from Coronado.

My sunspot number counting I still do with my old telescope 50/600 mm with azimuthal mounting.
I have been extremely active with the journal SONNE from 1980-1995,
I had been responsible for various sections and activities.

In 2007 I organized a SONNE solar observers meeting in Rosenheim (60 km south of München).
In real life I am professor for physics at the university of applied sciences in Rosenheim,
where I am also responsible for the observatory:

A photo of me observing in Rosenheim at the C14 is also included.