Kleivo Weather History file

Weather station WS2300 purchased 18Aug2006
Site determined 17Sep2006
Telephone line for adsl 30Nov2006
Telephone and adsl installed 27Dec2006
Wind sensor turned 180 on 06Jan2007
Software updated on site - WS with old PC
Web camera installed 10Feb2007
Rain gauge may work now 11Feb2007
Web Camera set up, preliminary solution 09Mar2007
Web camera, firm solution on 24Mar2007
Some memoryproblems caused PC to halt Summer 2007
Weather station fell down storm 11Aug2007
Weather station at preliminary spot on land
Weather station bolted on very firm solution 25Aug 2007
Persistant memoryproblems September 2007
New PC bought and WS into operation 07Oct2007
Wind direction error - turned 90 istead of 270
WS halted 14Nov2007 put back to op 16Nov2007
- Wind direction turned 180 so showing correct
- New screen for PC
Automatic restart of PC possible via SMS ( ! ) 06Mar2008
New weather station IROGALAN43 installed at Hundvaag, Stavanger 23Feb2009 !
New wind sensor installed 12Mar2009


Last update 31Mar2009